Robert Pattinson is Batman.

When I found out that Robert Pattinson was on the radar for playing the titular detective superhero, I found myself both satisfied and excited for things to come. No, I have not seen a single Twilight film (and no, I do not intend to see one any time soon), but I have had the opportunity to see him in another more recent film my brother turned me onto called Good Time. In that film, Pattinson plays a troubled character, Connie, seeking to redeem his brother as he descends along a twisted road into depravity. Immediately, I was engrossed. Pattinson’s performance was nothing short of spectacular to the point that I was not even considering Robert Pattinson, the person. I never thought to myself while watching the movie “wow, this guy’s got the chops to be someone like Bruce Wayne;” however, looking back on it now, he owned the film, and his acting gave off a tone and mood that propelled and filled the screen with powerful gut and grit. I will admit I have yet to see his other films, but from what I have seen thus far, I’m pumped. With good things coming out from various outlets and sources covering his new film, The Lighthouse, and that fact that Christopher Nolan has hired him in a leading role in his new film, I say sign me up! I’m excited to see what life Pattinson gives to Batman. If you’ve seen The Batman director Matt Reeve’s other work (latter two-thirds of the Planet of the Apes trilogy, and Let Me In) I think we are in for something truly special.

Hi! My name is Tyler Pacholski. I enjoy writing and storytelling through visual mediums, most notably film. Join me in engaging thought and dialog surrounding any and all things film.

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