Far From Home: Spider-Man, and the End of an Era

Some relationships simply just end. People do often change despite what some may believe. Even in those seemingly static relationships, times change and we can either change with it or fight against it. We’re entering into new eras all the time, and yesterday marks another key event for Hollywood and fans of Spider-Man alike. For now, it seems like all is lost; but then again, things can and do change. When I first got news that Spider-Man may be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was stunned. For someone like myself who has enjoyed (for the most part) the cinematic iterations of the wall-crawling, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, yesterday’s news brought to mind the sober reality of breakups. I’ve had my fair share of breakups and disappointments in the past, and for those whom I have encountered in life whether personally or professionally, there’s one thing about break-ups that resonates as a hard truth: breakups are rarely ever easy. Relatively speaking,

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Obi-Wan: A Welcome Hope

I can’t even tell you how long ago it has been since I recall watching Star Wars for the very first time. I have specific memories, and most of them surround the many viewings spent watching the original trilogy on various releases of VHS tapes: there’s the half face of Yoda set in the foreground below Return of the Jedi while a son and his father clash lightsabers in a duel for the ages (I’m still calling them lightsabers, Luke, and not laserswords, by the way) and the gold boxed VHS set including special editions fitted nicely between the iconic headgear of Darth Vader. Throughout that period of time, anticipation grew for the long-gestating prequel trilogy and with each release, excitement (and disappointment, too) settled as the saga expanded to a once-was-for-certain end. Since the sale of LucasFilm to Disney in 2012, that all has changed. With four theatrical features in the can and upcoming spin-off shows taking place in

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Why it’s All Going To Be Fine

My brother and I have been continuously discussing with one another our thoughts and hopes for the latest (and final) entry in the main Skywalker saga. We both share a fond admiration for Star Wars, and since our last trek together in December 2017, we maintain that fondness with a shred of skepticism. I’m not going to spend much time going over my thoughts on The Last Jedi, but I will admit I didn’t like the film as much as I wanted, especially in light of its presentation and handling of certain characters. Both low and high marks aside, I walked away from that experience with one question in mind: what now? Little did I know that a few moments later my brother would be asking me the same question. Where do we go from here? The question is two-fold: narratively, where do you go with these characters, and more personally, how do you go forward as a fan? I

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Terminator: Dark Fate Teaser Trailer. Yay or Nay?

While I was watching the teaser trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, a mixed reaction overcame me. On one hand, I was mildly excited and curious to see what the next installment in the franchise would look like with direct involvement from James Cameron and the OG Connor, Linda Hamilton. On the other hand, I was reminded of previous disappointment and repeated failed attempts to win my heart over. I’ve been an avid fan of the first two Terminator films ever since I was a young boy. Terminator 2: Judgment Day has a special place in my heart as it was one of the very first films I ever saw. Fast-forward to 2019: I have become much more seasoned with age and experience, and I feel a slight trepidation with this newest entry. The teaser definitely conveys spectacle: graceful, agile bodies moving along death-defying stunts in super-slow motion; explosion and things blowing up left and right; furrowed brows and cold stares;

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Robert Pattinson is Batman.

When I found out that Robert Pattinson was on the radar for playing the titular detective superhero, I found myself both satisfied and excited for things to come. No, I have not seen a single Twilight film (and no, I do not intend to see one any time soon), but I have had the opportunity to see him in another more recent film my brother turned me onto called Good Time. In that film, Pattinson plays a troubled character, Connie, seeking to redeem his brother as he descends along a twisted road into depravity. Immediately, I was engrossed. Pattinson’s performance was nothing short of spectacular to the point that I was not even considering Robert Pattinson, the person. I never thought to myself while watching the movie “wow, this guy’s got the chops to be someone like Bruce Wayne;” however, looking back on it now, he owned the film, and his acting gave off a tone and mood that propelled and filled the

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