Far From Home: Spider-Man, and the End of an Era

Some relationships simply just end. People do often change despite what some may believe. Even in those seemingly static relationships, times change and we can either change with it or fight against it. We’re entering into new eras all the time, and yesterday marks another key event for Hollywood and fans of Spider-Man alike. For now, it seems like all is lost; but then again, things can and do change. When I first got news that Spider-Man may be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was stunned. For someone like myself who has enjoyed (for the most part) the cinematic iterations of the wall-crawling, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, yesterday’s news brought to mind the sober reality of breakups. I’ve had my fair share of breakups and disappointments in the past, and for those whom I have encountered in life whether personally or professionally, there’s one thing about break-ups that resonates as a hard truth: breakups are rarely ever easy. Relatively speaking,

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